Sinopec Group holds annual work conference

Ning Bin, Liu Jiangbo

Sinopec Group held annual work conference in Beijing on January 16 to review work in 2016, to analyze the current situation and to make work arrangements in 2017. The conference urged a new breakthrough in mode transformation and structure adjustment. Wang Yupu, Chairman of Sinopec Group, made a report entitled “Deepening reform, seeking progress while maintaining stability, and striving for a new breakthrough in mode transformation and structure adjustment”. Dai Houliang, President of Sinopec Group, made a report entitled “Boosting action capacity, ensuring implementation, and striving for making better achievements in all our work”.

Also present at the conference were top management of Sinopec Group including Wang Zhigang, Jiang Liangping, Zhang Haichao, Jiao Fangzheng, Ma Yongsheng and Zhao Dong. Outside Directors Ding Zhongzhi, Wang Lili, Liu Xihan and Shi Huan were invited to attend the conference.

Wang Yupu said in his report that we should maintain the basic tone of seeking progress while maintaining stability in 2017. “Stability” is to hold our bottom lines and to consolidate the trend of continuous improvement. “Progress” is to seize the opportunities and to take active actions.

Wang Yupu stressed that we should strengthen supply-side structural reform. First, implement strategic measures of reducing cost. Second, expand market as our life engineering. Third, implement structure adjustment as our core task. Fourth, deepen reform as our key trick. Fifth, do fundamental works well as our important guarantee.

Dai Houliang raised 6 key jobs for 2017 in his report. Firstly, we should optimize production and operation, highlighting market orientation. Secondly, we should focus on expanding market. Thirdly, we should optimize increment, highlighting quality growth. Fourthly, we should reform management system, highlighting vitality and efficiency. Fifthly, we should focus on innovation-driven development. Lastly, we should make great efforts in safety and environmental protection.